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15th March 2019


FURNITURE IN HOME Never forget about your fabric sofas. The upholstered furniture in your home collects dust and dry soil particles in a similar way to your carpets. Get your furniture also cleaned by ourselves using our multi stage cleaning process to get yours looking at their best again plus […]
15th March 2019


PROFESSIONAL CLEANING No matter how careful you are about keeping your carpet clean , it is bound to get some stains. Your carpet is also going to wear and tear that is why you will need to get a professional cleaning service . The number of times that you need […]
15th March 2019

Carpet Stains

CARPET STAINS The longer a stain sets in the carpet the harder it will be for you to successfully remove them . That is why you need to have it seen to sooner rather than later. You can prevent stains from setting into your carpet by getting them up right […]
13th March 2019


AT JR CLEANING SERVICES We believe that you the paying customer wants the best possible cleaning results.. ✔ WE ARE  : Trained. ✔ Insured. ✔ Truckmount machine.✔ Drying equipment used ✔ You will love our latest van mounted system ✔ Deeper cleaning ✔ Faster drying times ✔ We carry water […]